Retrain Your Brain

Feeling burned out?

Don’t let stress and burnout ruin your career.

Retrain your brain with an interactive seminar.

  • Learn the neuroscience behind what causes stress.
  • Examine your personalized stress assessment, which identifies your unique stress triggers.
  • Learn to take your power back in managing stress and burnout.

There are currently no scheduled seminars. 

Presented by

 Ann Holland, PhD

Strive Performance Coaching and Consulting


Ann is an expert in people development and organizational development. She is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in leadership, organizational development, and learning and development. Ann has earned a BA in business management, MA in organizational management, and a doctorate in human development. Ann has experience in many industries including, oil & gas, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, and hospitality. She has held senior management positions such as: Deputy City Manager for the City of Las Vegas, Senior Vice President of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, and Regional Vice President of Marketing for Grand Casinos. She has also taught as an adjunct professor at several colleges. Ann is an ICF certified performance coach, and an experience consultant. Ann is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and a regular contributor to Ann is the owner of Strive Performance Coaching and Consulting.

Liz Parker

LT Consultants Inc.


Liz incorporated her business 20 years ago in Hong Kong and continues today consulting in strategic planning, leadership and team development and coaching for entrepreneurial businesses.  Her background includes living 7 years in Hong Kong and working in the Asia-Pacific region as well as Europe with multi-national clients.  This experience allows her to understand the cultural dynamics of a group and select the most appropriate tools for each situation.

One of the key components to her success is her ability to provide high quality online assessments for her clients. The results of these assessments provide clarity and objectivity to allow individuals to see their strengths and the areas of opportunity for growth and development. 

Added to this is her role as a Vistage Chair.  Vistage is an International organization with a 60-year history of bringing together peer groups of executives from non-competing industries, for one-to-one coaching, and membership in peer advisory boards with 12-14 other CEOs and executives.  This enables members to further grow as leaders, increase the quality of their decisions and reduce the stress and frustration of leading a successful organization.

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