Great leaders are great learners. Great leaders intentionally immerse themselves in new challenging situations, take advantage of learning opportunities and seek feedback. Great leaders internalize what they learn so that they may apply it when the timing is appropriate.

The difference between high potentials and high performers is that performers are learners who are putting their learning into action, whereas, high potentials demonstrate that they a have the attributes, but are waiting for an opportunity.

I recently attended a high-level conference in Washington DC. There were approximately 13,000 other attendees there as well. Oprah Winfrey was the opening keynote speaker, followed by Seth Godin, who was the keynote the second day. The speakers shared profound, insightful and humorous messages. The breakout sessions were packed with attendees from around the world. The presenters were top people in their respective fields, and the learning opportunity was outstanding. It just blew me away how many people were on their mobile devices during the presentations, including during the keynote speeches. Now, some were taking notes, I am sure; however, many were checking emails, social media and engaged in other not related functions on their devices. I wonder how many of these individuals will be high performers and great leaders. Just wondering.

Ann Holland, PhD

Strive Performance Coaching